Monday, August 1, 2011

Mark Your Calendar!!!: Come Show Support for Bob Perry on August 8th!!!!

If you are a voter in NH, please come to a visibility for Bob Perry, Democrat running in a special election for NH House (August 9-Barrington, Milton, Strafford, Middleton and Farmington).

On Monday, AUGUST 8, at Calef's Corner, Barrington, rt 9 and rt 125 we are holding signs for Bob twice to catch the attention of commuters; 7-8am (we can go out for breakfast at 8) and then again from 4-6. We will carry on this vis NO MATTER WHAT THE WEATHER DOES. If raining, bring large golf type umbrellas. Bob's signs are orange so if you have it, wear it. Please share this email with friends everywhere in NH. I figure that anyone in NH can get to Barrington in 3 hours tops. A swell prize will be given to the person who comes from the most distance. See you Monday at Calef's Corner. We have signs or you can make hand-made ones.

P.S. The Victory Party is at The Governor's Inn in Rochester at 7 on election night, the 9th. Onward.

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